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ASK “Demo 2021” Square Lathe Cut 7”

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Image of ASK “Demo 2021” Square Lathe Cut 7”

Detroit’s ASK exploded onto the local hardcore scene two years ago, fueled by intense live shows and a couple of well-received E.P.’s.

Earlier this year they gathered in a friend’s house to demo a few songs for their upcoming LP. Noisy, chaotic, and blown out, this recording serves as a document of a band building on their foundation and moving into new territory.

Recorded as a single track, these 3 songs will be released as a one sided clear square lathe cut 7”. Lathe cuts differ from a pressed record, and while there is some loss of volume and fidelity, they offer the warmth and collectibility of a traditional vinyl release. These will be produced by Precarian Cuts from Arizona. Visit precariancuts.com for more info on the process.

This is a pre-order; records are expected to begin shipping in mid-late April.